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Look good and feel great with AIBI! Exercise at the comfort of your own home. AIBI takes on a holistic 3-pronged approach of Health, Beauty and Fitness to achieve quality lifestyle for all individuals at every stage of your life. AIBI constantly brings in the latest and innovative products to improve your exercise experience. Step onto an AIBI American Series Treadmill & you'll embark on a journey to body perfection with the unparalleled and inspiring new programs. AIBI Gym Ionizer Treadmill is an innovative break-though with a unique feature of a built-in ion generator. This negative ion generator creates a pocket of pollution-free air around the user, so you breathe fresh air as you jog. Check out also Slendertone AIBI system, an effective hassle-free way to tone the entire body - Anytime, anywhere! Reverse part of the aging process of the face - A Natural Face Lift From The Inside Out with AIBI Slendertone FACE. Using EMS technology to stimulate and restore the lost muscle volume in the face. A smart way to exercise your facial muscle to gently lift skin, minimize sag and hollowing - Leaving you a more youthful and defined facial shape, plumping of the cheeks and reduction in lines. AIBI Hang Ups Inversion Table is medically-graded and has been widely used by millions of users in gyms and hospitals. Use this drug-free and natural approach that will realign your back, improve circulations, hydrate the discs and improve the flexibility of your body. Visit AIBI stores for more!